Lila Beavers

Spiritual Graphic Design & Branding Coach.

I help female entrepreneurs attract their clientele with beautiful visuals that speak to the soul.

When we work together, you will begin to see yourself, your message, and your brand in a whole new way. 

Lila Beavers

Simply Put...

I teach women how to tell their story in a beautiful way, sharing their soul purpose through captivating visual design.  

Lila Beavers

3 Fun Facts About Me

1  |  I am an empath, a Type 9 personality, an INFP, and a Pisces, so I crave deep connection.

2  |  I’m passionate about travel, but the Blue Ridge Mountains always call me back home. 

3  |  Ever since I was a child I’ve dreamed of becoming a successful artist, and I have been amazed by the opportunities that have come my way simply by following the passions of my heart. 

Private Services

Brand Design

Elevate your online presence with standout visuals that tell a unique story—from logos to social media content, Lila creates captivating brand identities that leave a lasting impression.

Captivating Content

Keep your followers on the edge of their seat as you share inspiring content that speaks to the soul. Lila will help you transform your brand narrative with consumable visual messaging that engages and inspires. 

Design Coaching

Unlock your creative potential with personalized design coaching. From mastering design principles to software skills, Lila empowers you to bring creative visions to life in a beautiful way.

Professional Photography

Illuminate your brand with stunning imagery. Lila captures your brand essence with visuals that showcase authenticity and professionalism, from product shots to lifestyle photography.

To work with Lila privately, please contact her at lila@essencion.co

My Story

As a military brat turned digital nomad, my life has been a whirlwind of change and growth. After studying art and communications at Centenary College of Louisiana, I spent a year overseas as a freelance designer exploring new places, ideas and pathways for success. While I have faced many battles from perfectionism to debilitating loss, my desire to create has driven me to keep showing up to life in a beautifully authentic way. In 2023, I launched my own media company to serve as a container for my design services, and now I am taking the next step to share my creativity with the world. As a Spiritual Graphic Design & Branding Coach, I empower women to nurture their creativity and tell their stories in a captivating way.