About Essencion

After working with women healers and coaches in the spiritual world for over 3 years, we know what it takes to succeed in the spiritual entrepreneurship world.  

We aim to provide tactical and valuable information on running a successful spiritual coaching or healing company.  

We do this through coaching on technology, content creation, branding, visuals, and MORE!

How It Started

Coaches Stephanie & Lila met while starting their career in an internship for Essential Oil Alchemist & Vibrational Healer Adora Winquist and the Soul Institute for Quantum Living. We both set out to grow our careers through freelancing before entering the coaching world, providing us with invaluable insights that we now use in coaching spiritual entrepreneurs. We met Cora through Facebook and online networking, and knew she was meant to be a part of our mission.  The rest is history…

Stephanie at Piano

Coach Stephanie LeDonne

Tech Savvy Spiritual Business Coach

Cora Mae Spalding

Coach Cora Mae Spalding

Sales Savvy Spiritual Business Coach

Lila Beavers

Coach Lila Beavers

Spiritual Graphic Design & Branding Coach